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Want to explore more natural ways to manage your health challenge?
Nourish Brighton can help with a whole host of conditions including digestive problems, allergies & intolerances, chronic fatigue and eczema. Get in touch today for an obligation-free discussion.

Traditional Medicine

Traditional, or what we now term ‘conventional’ medicine uses synthetic drugs and surgery to treat acute illnesses, trauma and life-threatening conditions. It is the medicine that most of us encounter when visiting a GP surgery or hospital. It is usually scientifically validated and highly effective particularly in treating emergency conditions however it is often expensive and invasive.

Complimentary Medicine

Therapies that fall outside of conventional western medicine are referred to as ‘alternative medicine’ and include many diverse practices from acupuncture, homeopathy, Reiki, aromatherapy to Reconnective healing®.
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    Alternative therapies tend to be holistic, cheaper and less invasive than conventional medicine. Some practices are useless or harmful; others are effective and may offer treatments where other conventional approaches have failed for example in chronic health conditions. As the evidence base grows many of these therapies are now being incorporated into mainstream conventional medicine and as so are being termed ‘complimentary’ medicine, for example using peppermint water to alleviate bloating following abdominal surgery.
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The Role of The Dietitian

Nutritional therapy has long been considered a core complimentary medicine and registered dietitians play an important role in hospitals and clinics rehabilitating patients from acute trauma and illness. Dietitians are also frequently called upon to assist clients in managing their chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel and chronic fatigue syndromes.

How Is Nourish Brighton Different?

The Nourish philosophy focuses on a holistic, client-centered ‘food as medicine’ approach, which combines traditional nutritional therapies with Reconnective Healing® to promote optimal health and wellbeing. Led by Kirsty Dobson, registered integrative dietitian and foundational practitioner of Reconnective Healing® Nourish aims to heal the origin of the bodies’ imbalance whilst working to alleviate the symptoms.

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